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Founder/CEO at Grow Disrupt
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My goal is to support small businesses in thriving personally & professionally so they are able to, without hurting the business, take both a paycheck AND profit distributions!

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  • The best two steps President Biden can take to help small businesses come out stronger on the other side is to create some small business specific tax breaks, and open doors for small businesses to remain open. The constant fear of whether there will be enough cash to pay taxes or if everything will be shut down again tomorrow, creates added stress and anxiety while prohibiting small business owners from being able to plan for the future. Too many small businesses aren't planning cash correctly and spend money as it comes in, expecting to pay taxes out of the next batch of money. But with the current situation, there is no guaranteed next batch of money. I personally know businesses that have had to shut down because they couldn't afford the upcoming taxes and [also] pay the rest of their bills.

    15 June 2022
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