Stephen Ritter

Chief Technology Officer at Mitek Systems
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Stephen Ritter is chief technology officer at Mitek and a global identity verification expert. He is a pioneering force in applying machine learning to today’s most challenging business problems, with expertise spanning cybersecurity, facial analytics and identity. Prior to joining Mitek as CTO, he led technology for Emotient, a deep learning facial analytics startup that was acquired by Apple.

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  • We see fintechs integrating so fast. They go from conversation to proof of concept to production in a matter of weeks. Whereas with a large bank, that’s going to be six, nine, twelve months. That kind of speed difference, if I were a big bank, would really concern me.

  • At Mitek, we believe that data belongs to the consumer. There’s also a lot of good that can be done with the data — as long as you treat it, store it and get rid of it in the way that you should, according to your contracts with the consumer.

  • Increasingly, your digital identity is your gateway to everything you do in both the digital and physical worlds. It’s how you buy goods, send and receive money, and even exchange notes with your doctor.

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