Steve Leeper

Vice President of Product Marketing at Datadobi
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Steve Leeper oversees the market development for Datadobi and manages the Presales Sales Engineers team globally. A 30-year veteran of IT, Steve has held a variety of technical and sales roles at Andersen Consulting, Sun Microsystems, and EMC.

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  • Structured data consists of clearly defined data types with patterns that make it easily searchable. In most cases, structured data is information that is highly organized, quantitative such as numbers and data, and to the point. Unlike its structured data counterparts, unstructured data is more difficult to manage and protect with legacy solutions. … Overall, unstructured data requires more storage.

    2 January 2022
  • We're optimizing the SMB client stack for the type of I/O we know we're executing. By writing our own [client], we can really tailor our workload to get the best performance possible.

    2 January 2022
  • In 2021 visibility and management of massive datasets will be the name of the game. Enterprise IT professionals will be seeking solutions that give them valuable insights into the datasets for which they are responsible. Beyond getting insights into the data, they will need innovative technology that allows them to take action and manage the data in a reliable and automated fashion.

    2 January 2022
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    Vice President of Product Marketing