Steve Sigmond

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Steve is an entrepreneur who has worked with emerging technology companies for more than 25 years. As a Venture Partner at BlueStream Ventures, a $280 million venture capital fund, Steve advised portfolio companies and sourced new investment opportunities. Previously, he founded one of Wall Street’s first Internet equity research practices at Wessels, Arnold & Henderson, where he sourced and sponsored 56 public financings for market-leading technology companies. Steve was recognized by Institutional Investor magazine as a “Home Run Hitter” and “Best of the Boutiques” analyst, and twice by The Wall Street Journal as a “Best on the Street” winner. Away from work, Steve enjoys being a dad, collecting wine, traveling, cooking, skiing, and playing guitar.

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  • Today, information is so pervasive, and markets are evolving so quickly that the benefits of knowledge hoarding have diminished. Instead, competitive advantage accrues to organizations that evolve and adapt quickly by generating knowledge flows.

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