Sundip Patel

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AVANA Companies
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Sundip Patel is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AVANA Companies, the holding company for the ESG fintech platform serving entrepreneurs and investors since 2002. Sundip oversees LendThrive™ and EqualSeat ™ platform for lending and investment respectively focused on supporting sustainable growth in communities.

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  • While ESG has recently gotten more attention across industries, it has been ingrained in the AVANA culture for 20 years. From day one, I wanted our company to be one with purpose, as I believe it is possible for CEOs to achieve a balance between people, planet and profit.

    28 December 2021
  • Extensia Financial is excited about the collective talent these industry leaders will add to our company’s Board of Directors. Their combined expertise in corporate strategy, credit union operations and growth, and financial institutions leadership will be of great value as AVANA Companies and Extensia navigate a planned trajectory of significant growth.

    12 May 2021
  • I’m most excited to bring these two talented lending teams together through this transaction. AVANA and Extensia have a combined $1.3 Billion in assets under management, and a team that is capable of growing these assets tremendously in the coming years. Our combined team is already working hard to expand product offerings and services that will serve and benefit both credit union and borrower customers.

    12 May 2021
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