Tanya Gradet

Real estate agent at Avenue 8
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Tanya Gradet is a Real Estate Agent at Avenue 8. Remembering how it felt to buy her first home is part of why Tanya feels so passionate about helping first time buyers navigate the crazy world that is the Los Angeles real estate market. From your first inquiry to the handover of keys to your home, Tanya is there offering support, encouragement and unlicensed therapy in order to ease you through the process. ​She brings the same amount of support and energy to sellers who want to list their home. Going above and beyond in order to ensure they get the absolute best sale price they can.

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  • A home in a good district is most likely to hold and increase in value. The process of selling your house in an area with a good district is usually faster too.

    9 September 2021
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  • Avenue 8
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