Ted Miller

Founder & Chairman at Visual Intelligence
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Ted is currently the Founder and Chairman of Visual Intelligence, LP, a privately held imaging technology company with patented drone sensor hardware capable of digitizing physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy. Mr. Miller is also president of 4M Investments, LLC, an international private investment company and Executive Chairman of 4M HR Logistics, LLC.

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  • OpenTower iQ has the potential to dramatically accelerate the adoption of drones in tower operations, and the utilization of digital twins to augment and replace traditional workflows. Millimeter-accurate measurements eliminate most tower climbs. Precision digital twins simulate tower loading and generate engineering drawings. AI-based inventory recognition and mount capacities accelerate purchase decisions. Millimeter data is key to unlocking digital twins, and OpenTower iQ is the first and only analytics solution capable of translating this new fidelity of data into meaningful intelligence and automation.

    12 March 2022
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    12 March 2022
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