Teri Ijeoma

On the record

Teri Ijeoma began her professional career working in education and non-profits. When she started trading stocks over a decade ago, she saw it as an opportunity to supplement her income so she could afford luxuries such as travel. She was so successful that in 2017 this side hustle turned into her full-time income, and she founded Trade and Travel.

With more than 10+ years invested in trading education, courses, workshops, having spent thousands of dollars, with a lot of trial and error, Teri developed expert strategies and proprietary intelligence that fast-tracks the learning journey and earning performance. These very same strategies enabled Teri to transition working in her own business while she traveled the world doing what she does best; trading, and sometimes in her pajamas.

Whether you dream of quitting the 9 -5 grind, owning your house, or exploring the world on your terms, TRADE AND TRAVEL is the ultimate course and supportive community you’ve been asking for. Praised by thousands of students with testimonials and an impressive list of media and press coverage, the results speak for themselves!

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