Thérèse Cator

Founder and CEO at Embodied Black Girl
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Thérèse is the Founder of Embodied Black Girl, a global community that stands for the embodied liberation of Black women globally. Her work lies at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, healing, somatics, mindfulness, decolonization and social change. Thérèse is devoted to guiding visionary people of all backgrounds to remember their wholeness, reclaim their radiance and untether from white supremacist colonial patriarchial conditioning in life and leadership in the name of healing and liberation for us all.

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  • Western culture has pushed us to believe that most of us what matters in our lives should be viewed from a cognitive perspective, but really, it’s all about our spirit and what aligns with our inner selves. If you don’t rest properly, it can affect your mind, spirit and especially your body.

    21 January 2022
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