Thomas Jepsen

Founder at Passion Plans
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Thomas Jepsen is a housing expert, real estate investor, and CEO at Passion Plans. He has been working in the housing industry for the last 15 years and featured in media outlets such as Bloomberg, & Inc.

While studying a Master's in Accounting, he founded Contractor Quotes. The company helps connect homeowners with screened contractors. Thomas went on to sell this business in 2020.

Originally from Denmark, Thomas was awarded an E-2 Treaty Investor visa in 2016. In 2020, he was awarded a National Interest Waiver green card for his work in creating transparency in the home improvement industry.

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  • If you want a pool installation completed by the upcoming summer, you want to lock in the contract now. Many companies are backed up several months, so if you lock in the contract now, you’ll be ahead when it comes to doing the work. This is usually the time when contractors have some time that they’d love to fill. If you can get it done now instead of when everyone else is competing for their attention, you’ll likely also save money.

    20 November 2021