Tiffany Lewis

Chief Cookie Officer at Cookes With Tiffany
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Tiffany, a Chief Cookie Officer and cookiepreneur, started Cookies with Tiffany, to create community through food. But don't let her playful title fool you, she is a classically trained culinary powerhouse who worked on The Food Network and attended: Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Cornell University and Chapman University.

Tiffany's love of cookies--really good cookies--started as a child, which inspired her to become a recognized community member for her cookies. Whether sold by the dozen, or individually packaged in cello with a bow on top, her love and joy generated by a freshly baked cookie, helped to inspire Cookies with Tiffany.

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  • “I felt so alone, and I made an entire community of friends through my cookies,” Lewis said. “The cookies were a handshake.

    13 October 2021
  • “To me, a cookie is not a cookie,” Lewis said. “A cookie is a form of love and joy and happiness, which is something we can use more of right now.”

    13 October 2021
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    13 October 2021
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