Tim Behrsin

CEO and Founder at Grexie
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Tim have helped teams who design, build and maintain innovative, resilient, high-traffic full-stack platforms at scale. He have technical expertise in many languages and platforms across a wide range of industry sectors.

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  • Proponents of the Lightning Network might argue that since validators stake Bitcoin to provide liquidity to transactions that happen between users, that it is a Proof of Stake system. However there is no proof that happens, the proof is provided by the Layer 1 Bitcoin protocol, and the Lightning Network is merely a match maker between liquidity providers and spender-receiver channels. Proof of Stake systems use a mechanism to achieve consensus among a network of validators, in which fees are allocated for performing proofs of the network’s validity and security, rather than a medium of exchange, as in the case of Lightning Network.

    2 January 2022
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