Tim Horoho

CTO at Zylo
On the record

Tim is an experienced engineering and technology leader in the SaaS industry. He is a strong leader with a proven track record of delivery. Tim is an expert in overseeing the development and operations of large-scale, consumer facing, and highly available systems. Tim's exceptional ability to lead cross-functional teams while maintaining quality and achieving the short and long term goals of the business. He is highly skilled in managing the people and processes surrounding a rapidly changing environment.

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  • To respond to employee needs during the rapid transition to remote work in 2020, many organizations added a significant number of SaaS applications. However, the tremendous SaaS growth last year brought a new set of challenges, as organizations invested in SaaS with little oversight into what was being purchased and how it was being utilized -- leading to redundant applications and unnecessary spending. With product innovation at the forefront of our strategy, we're especially proud to launch Zylo's License Optimization Workflows as a necessary tool for clients to take full advantage of the information provided by License Optimization Insights.

    7 May 2021
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