Tim Walsh

Senior Managing Director at TIAA
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Tim Walsh leads distribution for TIAA’s innovative TIAA RetirePlus Series. Tim has extensive experience in designing and delivering clientcentric Lifetime Income Solutions, Annuities, Defined Contribution Menu Design, Defined Benefit Investment Management, and Asset Liability Management.

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  • Government regulators were concerned that people weren’t saving enough for retirement and not properly invested with a proper mix of stocks and bonds. Although people were saving, they were not prepared for retirement. Money market investment returns were not keeping up with inflation.

    29 September 2021
  • We have learned as an industry that behavioral nudging combats participant inertia. Making it easy for participants helps them have better outcomes. 403(b) plan participant are more likely to annuitize their benefits at retirement because they have been saving in annuities and they have been seeing their benefits expressed as monthly retirement income on statements and websites.

    29 September 2021
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