Timothy Moley

Founder and CEO at Chocolove
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I am the founder and still the majority owner of Chocolove. I was inspired to start Chocolove to take care of people. I wanted to provide something that they looked forward to, that brightened their day, and that they shared with others. I thought great chocolate could be that medium to share this love.

I am a professional taster and I have a gift of being able to taste. I have learned to taste tea, wine, coffee, and chocolate. I keep the taste at Chocolove and I ensure we make it right. I am also the keeper of the brand and see that we stay true to who we are and to you.

As Chocolove grew and I could take care of more people, I expanded my view to see that everyone in the process from farmer to customer was happier for the experience.

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  • Chocolove Easter eggs capture all the love and magic of Easter and serve it up in flavors that I recall enjoying as a child.

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