Tom Cotter

Director of Emergency Response & Preparedness at Project HOPE
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A global health and emergency management professional with nearly a decade of experience in international disaster response. Contracted in Haiti, the Philippines, Panama, Nigeria, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and other countries for health/emergency management projects. Supervised teams of up to 30 professionals and managed budgets of up to $5 million. Developed emergency preparedness plans for natural and man-made disasters.

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  • It takes years for communities to recover from significant storms. If there is aid coming, it’s concentrated on the initial impact but what we forget is there is continuing need for years and that is a tougher sell.

    6 September 2021
  • This earthquake is yet another crisis — among many others — that Haiti is facing. We fear the worst as we think of the 2010 earthquake Haiti suffered. There are a lot of reasons to be concerned right now, especially as most Haitians have yet to be vaccinated and COVID-19 could now spread even faster as people flee and gather on displacement sites.

    6 September 2021
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    Director of Emergency Response & Preparedness