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Chief Strategy Officer at Prodoscore
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Highly accomplished, executive management professional leading technology and service based sales organizations for over 20 years. Enthusiastic mentor and motivator with a passion to establish winning programs by recruiting, developing and motivating the highest caliber associates.

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  • Leveraging insights from productivity intelligence data, for example, creates transparency and openness, and an opportunity to address outliers or sudden shifts in behavior immediately. Seeing that someone on your team is becoming less and less engaged means you can reach out and have an honest conversation and tackle any issues early. Equipped with data, managers and employees can make better informed decisions.

    1 May 2021
  • Today’s executives are having to make profound changes to adjust to the current business environment. With the distributed workforce here to stay, at least in some capacity, creating a streamlined experience for employees is imperative. Using data-driven insights will help advance decision-making that leads to more engaged, productive and happier employees.

    1 May 2021
  • The workplace has shifted, and it has to be based on trust and outcomes. It's not about attendance, it's not about where we go to an office, it's about delivering outcomes in collaboration with others and in the environment that's best conducive to accomplish that.

    1 May 2021
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