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CEO at Immerse
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I have worked as a leader in a number of different and challenging businesses over 25 years. I have lead significant change in big performance driven businesses like GE and Sky but also gained leadership experience in start-up scenarios like Metro and Kublax. I have constantly looked for roles where there is opportunity to innovate, disrupt and challenge existing thinking.

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  • The Immerse team are excited to be working with Solas VR to help encourage mindfulness in the corporate environment. We understand the importance of having a healthy and happy workforce, and the capabilities of virtual reality will allow those who receive the content to incorporate it more effectively than traditional methods. Partnering with Solas VR is a great step in our endeavour to enable businesses to capitalise on the opportunity offered by immersive technology in multiple ways.

    18 June 2021
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    18 June 2021
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