Tom Wicky

Co-founder at MyFBAPrep
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Thomas Wicky is the Co-Founder of MyFBAPrep, the largest SaaS-based 3PL eCommerce network with more than 50+ warehouses and over two million square feet of warehouse space globally.

Tom has been instrumental in the company’s aggressive growth since its inception in 2018, driving a revenue lift of 1,000% year-over-year each year since the company was founded. MyFBAPrep has processed over four million units with a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of more than $1 billion.

Tom is an entrepreneur, startup advisor and management consultant with more than two decades of senior management experience.

Tom is an early internet pioneer starting his first company in 1996 in the online recruiting space. In the early days of the Amazon Marketplace, Tom built a data platform that manages ecommerce product marketing and listings management across all major online marketplaces and company-owned domains. The platform specializes in data manipulation creating rich product listings that are SEO and marketplace optimized for rank and discoverability to drive sales. The platform algorithmically published over 250,000 product listings with more than one million variations on Amazon. Tom’s deep knowledge and understanding of the e-commerce industry has led him to building and investing in several large Amazon businesses in the grocery, apparel and beauty categories.

Tom enjoys spending time with family, flexing his photography skills and cheering on his beloved Boston sports teams. An intrepid world traveler, Tom has lived in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich and Melbourne and is also fluent in Spanish and German.

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