Tony Byrne

President at Real Story Group
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Tony is founder of the only exclusively "buy-side" technology analyst firm in the world. He has a personal passion for helping large enterprises make sound strategic decisions, based on solid research, that will set them up for long-term success. Tony believes the best companies of the future will be those that invest the most wisely in employee and customer digital engagement.

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  • If IT or some sort of data office has been building and activating segments so far, and the CDP is able to successfully enable marketers to do this themselves. Building a trust-based partnership with IT is central to overall business success, not just CDP deployment. Meyers suggested keeping IT abreast of how data is being used, and giving them ample credit for contributing to the project's success. So you need a strong IT, data ops and marketing ops partnership to get the marketing data into the CDP, in the right format, at the right time, in an actionable way. In RSG's experience, most licensees end up delegating this work to a small team of marketing ops specialists, and that can create a kind of bottleneck in itself.

    24 April 2021