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Producer, Host - Deep Dive with Dr. Tracy at ENSL TV and 5 other companies
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I am a legal commentator & an accountability, ethics, organizational dysfunction, and investigations expert. I conducted the first study on workplace investigators & implicit bias.

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  • The Wrap quoted Dr. Pearson in relation to potential liability in the Travis Scott concert tragedy.


    16 November 2021
  • Fast Company quoted Dr. Pearson concerning workplace harassment in remote environments.


    16 November 2021
  • Forbes quoted Dr. Pearson in an article about Aaron Rodgers.


    8 November 2021
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  • ENSL TV (https://www.ensl.live/)
    Producer, Host - Deep Dive with Dr. Tracy
    started Nov 2021
  • Dr. Tracy A. Pearson, J.D.
    Legal Analyst/Commentator | Coach | Researcher | Consultant
    started Aug 2020
  • Private University
    Senior Investigator
    started Mar 2018