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CEO and Founder at Guestio, Inc and 1 other company
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Travis is the Host of 'Build Your Network With Travis Chappell'. He has a mission to help a million people cultivate genuine relationships the right way. He focuses on networking, and he believes who you know is more important than what you know. Travis interviews entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders, including guests such as Bilyeu, Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone.

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  • Guestio’s current business model retains 20% of the booking fees with the remainder going to the booker or talent. It also launched a new feature that enables guests to charge for marketing the interviews they do and is poised to unveil a new “mini endorsement” feature where businesses can buy audio or video endorsements from celebrities to use for things like ad campaigns. We are also putting in more subscription tiers so that people who are needing a constant inflow of guests for a show can pay a monthly fee. We also are coming out with ‘Guestio credits’ that people can use to book interviews or pitch an idea.

    22 December 2021
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