Travis Russell

Director of Cybersecurity at Oracle Communications at Oracle and 1 other company
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My professional experience includes Sales, Product/Technical Marketing, Business Development, Technical Training, Product Management, and Cybersecurity. I have managed small companies and helped large companies achieve profitability. I am engaged with the standards organizations that create new telecommunications standards such as GSMA, IETF, 3GPP, and ETSI. My specialty focus is in network security and fraud and how new technologies impact service providers in this area. I am known worldwide as an expert in 5G, SS7, IMS and SIP, DIAMETER, and communications security, and often speak at industry events worldwide. I am the author of 7 technology books, and patents in the areas of SS7, SIP, IMS, and fraud/security. My books are used worldwide by professionals, engineers, and universities as the technical reference in telecommunications.

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  • 5G was actually developed as a web-based application. Because 5G is built in the cloud, it's a perfect candidate for a SaaS. We are the only 5G supplier that is also one of the largest cloud suppliers in the world. We're our own supply chain, we build our own hardware, we build our own chipsets. Expect to hear a lot about how we're growing this out.

    10 February 2021
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    10 February 2021
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