Trenda Hackett

CPA and Technical Tax Editor at Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting
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Trenda B. Hackett, CPA is a senior technical editor of PPC and Checkpoint products. She specializes in IRS Practice and Procedures and is a coauthor of PPC’s Guide to Tax-Related Identity Theft and a contributing editor of Checkpoint’s IRS Response Library and PPC’s Guide to Dealing with the IRS. Trenda has over has over 25 years of experience in tax and accounting. She is a member of Texas Society of CPAs Relation with IRS Committee and a frequent speaker on the topic of tax-related identity theft and data security for tax professionals. Trenda has significant experience in tax preparation and IRS representation through her private tax practice as well as tax software development experience as a business systems analyst for the GoSystem Tax partnership product. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Trenda spent over 15 years with the IRS as a Revenue Agent specializing in examinations of individuals, partnerships, corporations, and various employment tax issues.

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  • Essentially there are five steps involved in developing and implementing a written information security plan to safeguard taxpayer data. These are: Perform a risk assessment; design and implement a written information security program; monitor and test this program regularly; provide privacy notices and practices to clients; and evaluate and adjust your program in light of relevant circumstances.

    26 May 2021
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