Trevor Elliott MBE

Managing Director, Foster Carer, Mentor at The Kennedy Elliott Partnership
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Trevor Elliott MBE is a 30-year-old who first became a foster parent at the age of just 25. Since then, he has opened several children's homes across London whilst he continues to support at-risk children through his role as a foster parent, sporting activities and mentorships. Trevor is a voice for vulnerable children and through working with people like Rio Ferdinand, using his platform to highlight the pressures Britain's foster care system is facing and supporting his local community, Trevor hopes to inspire positive change and further support families in need. Trevor is also the Managing Director of Kennedy Elliott, a group that provides accommodation to young people between the ages off 11 and 25 who have faced extreme hardship.

Trevor is available to comment on any topics relating to the foster care system, parenting, vulnerable children, BAME communities, mental health and entrepreneurship.

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  • You find yourself working 48 hour stints. The [children] want to know if their family members are going to die. Some children’s homes are receiving hundreds of referrals each week and have had to start turning away children as they are unsure if they have Covid. If more children in children’s homes go missing, which is quite normal, we have to know where they have been and we need to know if they have been exposed to Covid. Do they need to go into a special home?

    5 February 2021
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