Troy Swope

CEO at Footprint
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Co-founder and CEO Troy Swope leads world-class engineers, scientists, environmentalists and designers on a mission to create a healthier planet, with step one to provide sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. Troy’s work as a self-titled ‘accidental environmentalist’ has already led to sustainable, biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions that are implemented by its customers in nearly every U.S. grocery store – at equal performance and cost, on a per-unit basis, to traditional plastic packaging.

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  • We brought in engineers from Intel who were building semiconductors and asking them to build a paper bowl that has to protect the food for over a year, has to biodegrade in 180 days, has to compost in 90 days and has to be recyclable. So they’re going, “It’s got to work perfectly for a year and then as soon as you use it, it goes away?” So those challenges made it interesting enough for engineers and scientists from Intel to go, “OK, I want to do that.”

    2 December 2021