Ty Duperron

Chief Operating Officer at Tafi
On the record

Ty Duperron is the Chief Operating Officer at Tafi. A veteran of the software and video game industries for more than a decade, Ty has a strong core background in both the creative and operational sides of things. Not only is he a skilled creative, 3D modeler/generalist, technical artist, graphic designer, and marketing professional, he has also developed experiential and academic knowledge in business development, human resources, corporate strategy, sales, client relations, and operational management.

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  • Vancouver is a world-class tech hub and is home to countless video game, tech, and visual effects studios. Obviously, I'm biased, but I believe some of the best and most diverse talent pools in the world can be found here. I'm personally very excited to be able to champion Vancouver. The city's unique culture fits perfectly with our vision and values as we continue to grow at Tafi.

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