Tyler Read

Various Positions including Founder and Senior Editor at PTPioneer
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Tyler Read is an industry leading certified personal trainer and successful entrepreneur. He became an authority on fitness and nutrition by obtaining a bachelor’s in kinesiology and 10+ years as a personal trainer. He is also an expert on building careers and businesses within the fitness industry as exemplified from building a 6 figure personal training business then building a six figure personal training career business (PTPioner.com). His know-how moves beyond just the traditional personal training business model and into the ever evolving online space, including extensive knowledge of online marketing.

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  • [A family business] can be a chance for a young person to gain valuable working experience, setting them ahead of their peers when they are able to enter the general workforce. However, it can be a con in the kid's eyes if they are forced into work they don't want to do.

    21 November 2020
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  • PTPioneer
    Various Positions including Founder and Senior Editor
    started May 2014