Ubaldo Ciminieri

CMO & Head of Strategic Partnerships at interviewIA and 2 other companies
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Ubaldo has a passion for helping people matter and to feel safe and valued at work. He has a clear perspective of the good, bad, and ugly of how companies are being built. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background help define that perspective. As such, he is an advocate for people's safety and happiness. He thrives in helping people overcome internal obstacles to be better humans to themselves and others.

He talks about the positive, and negative, impacts of technology on humans, in particular the Ethics of AI.

He talks about workplace violence, based on his own experience with a workplace shooting, safety at work, his survivor's guilt, and the PTSD therapy that helped him recover.

He talks about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice and the strategies that work, and do not work, in building a workplace culture with these.

He talks about the interviewer and the broken interview process, and how interviewers can overcome their biases to conduct more equitable interviews, given any qualified candidate an equal chance at a job.

He has hosted several podcasts including Choose Inclusion, A Hire Future, and Human Everywhere.

  • article
    9 March 2021
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    9 March 2021
  • podcast
    9 March 2021
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