Uzrad Lew

CEO at 2020 Capital Inc. and 1 other company
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Spanning over 25 years, Uzrad has led a notable career in corporate finance at the global level as a financial advisor, investment banker, dealmaker, negotiator as well as involvement in the structuring of numerous venture capital and private equity funds.

After retiring as Captain in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and serving as an assistant to two IDF Chiefs of Staff and to the Director of Military Intelligence, Uzrad was nominated as the top financial advisor to the Palestinian Authority (PNA). He has since advised major US and European corporations on a variety of banking and investment strategy issues as well as on risk aversion mechanisms.

More recently, Uzrad tuned to the emerging cryptocurrency market as an active investor and dealmaker. He is a top advisor to investors and financial institutions looking to solidify buy/sell positions in this emerging market.

He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and is the Founder of 2020 Capital Inc., a FinTech Start-Up revolutionizing the US Financial Advisory Sector.