Vanessa Pegueros

Chief Trust and Security Officer at OneLogin
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Vanessa is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with over 26 years of experience managing technology, security, and risk teams in a variety of verticals. Enabled by her operational experience and ability to execute, she has been successful in leading companies through their cyber security challenges. She has accomplished this through the definition of effective strategy and building high performance teams to respond to the dynamic threat environment.

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  • Cybercriminals are masterful when it comes to playing on human emotions. They take advantage of human loneliness, fears around health, and the desperate hopes of quick economic gain. Computers don’t have emotions and are the vehicles by which cybercriminals monetize these human emotions. We need to continue to implement security controls on computers because we will not change our humanness.

    15 July 2021
  • Although ransomware has really been around since 2013, it has not yet been seriously taken in terms of something that could impact critical infrastructure.

    15 July 2021
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