Veena Giridhar Gopal

Co-Founder & CEO at salesBeat
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Experienced FMCG professional, skilled in strategy, NPD commercialisation, finance, customer insight and business planning, with a MBA from INSEAD. Co-founder of Salesbeat.

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  • salesBeat uses big data & machine learning to eliminate stock outs of your favourite and most relied on brands, at supermarkets. Currently companies sell their brands into supermarkets on the basis of prior year sales. However, given how unpredictable sales has become in our new normal, with unseasonal weather and fast changing seemingly unpredictable consumer preferences, understanding consumer demand and selling optimal order volumes is becoming increasingly complex, resulting in stock outs of brands/products in store. salesBeat helps eliminate out of stocks in stores. I have more than 20 years in this sector working across functions and markets. Alex, who is our CTO, has more than 20 years in start-ups and in tech.

    13 October 2021
  • Our goal is to eliminate out of stocks in stores so consumers never have to settle for an alternative or go without. Out of stocks are not just frustrating for consumers, but for some it can be debilitating. Eg: for certain differently abled people, having continued access to squeeze bottle versions of various table sauces and condiments is key.

    13 October 2021
  • salesBeat has an AI driven app that models consumer buying behaviour and makes predictive recommendations of optimal stock levels to salespeople who sell grocery brands to supermarkets, distributors & wholesalers. In this industry, it is very common to say ‘beat sales targets’ rather than ‘exceed sales targets’. As we help sales people and brand owners beat their sales targets by providing timely sales intelligence, we decided to call ourselves salesBeat.

    13 October 2021
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