Veronica Millan

Global Chief Information Officer at MullenLowe Group
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Veronica Millan is a results-driven, global Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a diverse background that includes advertising, financial services, start-ups, and extensive experience working with international and geographically dispersed teams. Veronica is an enthusiastic leader and a strategic partner focused on modernizing technology, operations process maturity, data analytics, cybersecurity, and governance. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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  • Our industry should break free of pre-COVID molds of working. Prior to the pandemic, we set “core hours” in London, where all meetings take place from 10am to 4pm, and outside hours are spent on work. It’s a brilliant way of setting priorities that can help women navigate additional burdens at home. Our industry has the benefit of being based on creativity and intellectual property. That gives us incredible flexibility in how we perform our work. This last year, we’ve learned we can all do it from home. Although the definition of a family and traditional gender roles have changed, many women still carry the load of running a household. We need to educate men on sharing the workload at home and empower women to delegate duties more effectively. Globally, we should promote government policies that extend women’s rights into the workplace and offer subsidized childcare.

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