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Created an successful enterprise SaaS business providing solutions to enable talent development and retention using mentoring and coaching. The solution is used by numerous Fortune 500 organizations including Amazon, Coca-Cola, GE, and Comcast. Bootstrapped the business to significant revenue levels and sold to private equity in 2015.

Building new B2B software startup (Ally) that enables teams to focus, align and achieve goals, with strong employee engagement. Ally is off to a phenomenal start since launch in 2018 with hundreds of businesses using it including Slack and Remitly.

Prior to the startup, turned around $200M+ Systems Management enterprise software business at Microsoft. Lead the Visual Studio platform team and managed the partner ecosystem. Shipped several v1 and award-winning products over the 14-year tenure at Microsoft.

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  • To me, the mark of a strong leader is knowing when to take a step back and put trust in the people I've hired to do their work. Throughout my time as CEO, I've had to travel from Seattle to the company office in Chennai, India, meaning I cannot always check in on what my employees are doing. I've learned to trust that they will get their work done and achieve goals they have set for themselves.

  • As a leader, it's your job to ensure everyone is equipped with what they need to do their jobs successfully and meet their goals. Your business's success is predicated on the team's being motivated, mentally and emotionally safe, and bought into your mission

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