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When Vickey Barron talks, the real estate world listens. She is direct, honest able to expertly maneuver through the twists turns of New York real estate without ever missing a beat. Thanks to her calm demeanor, relaxed confidence engaging spirit, her customers find the whole experience fun rewarding from start to finish. Behind Vickey’s charismatic charm is a smart, tough, very successful master of real estate brokerage, who sees the world as she knows it should be then works to help make it happen. She has earned the respect admiration of her fellow brokers, along with an impressive base of buyers sellers – as well as serving as a trusted advisor to some of New York’s most influential real estate developers. Vickey has been featured in leading trade press articles high-end design magazines – including The Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, The NY Times, HGTV’s Selling New York.

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  • The photos should be a significant focus when figuring out how to market your home to sell. “Now, more than ever, buyers are purchasing homes based on pictures without even visiting the properties,” said broker Vickey Barron with Compass. “If your images include a nice selection of rooms, views, and amenities, it’s possible to execute a deal without the buyer stepping foot in the residence.”

    16 June 2022
  • "Buildings cost a lot of money to run and with inflation it is going to cost more. And there's also politics to consider—property taxes, city taxes, it’s all going to go up, the question is by how much and when," Barron says.

    16 June 2022
  • Some people are taking advantage of this opportunity of low mortgage rates and urban sellers willing to listen to reasonable offers. But there are also people who just like the city and know it will come back strong.

    17 March 2021