Victoria Thompson

On the record

Victoria Thompson is the CEO of Victory Is Us a leadership development coaching company dedicated to improving performance.
A Motivational Speaker/Poet and Leadership Coach based in California, Victoria has become known for her unique lyrical perspective and powerhouse performances. After 3 years of Navy service, a BS in psychology, and certifications in Project Management; Victoria's understanding of leadership in high paced environments excels.

Audiences are pulled into the moment and taken on a journey as she leaves her heart on the stage every time. As a mental health advocate Victoria uses lyrical expression to educate, identify, and empower people from all walks of life. As an executive coach she challenges clients to venture beyond the surface and dive deep into themselves to discover their inner voice.

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  • "At any given time we are both student and teacher, human and creature, creation and creator, we are so much more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe."

    12 December 2021
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