Vir Phoha

Electrical engineering and computer science professor at Syracuse University
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Vir's focus is to do original research that cuts across conventional rigorously defined disciplines and unifies basic and common concepts across disciplines. In particular, his research centers around security (malignant systems, active authentication, for example touch based authentication on mobile devices) and machine learning (decision trees, statistical, and evolutionary methods) with a focus on large time series data streams and static data sets, and computer networks (anomalies, optimization). He also uses these methods to build field realizable defensive and offensive Cyber-based systems.

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  • There is a lot of information you can learn from a person’s gait—specifically, health-related information.

    17 May 2021
  • Typically palm prints are based on characteristics of the palm, such as the length and width of the palm, fingers, bone structure, and surface area of palm; and lines and ridges on the palm. They can be contact-based such as placing the hand on a scanner. Placement may be guided by positioning pins that align the hand correctly for the camera or it can be contactless such as through a camera.

    17 May 2021
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