Walid Halty

CEO at Colossus
On the record

Walid founded Colossus because he believes in the power and promise of cleantech to improve environmental sustainability. After working in the solar industry, Walid saw a tremendous opportunity to leverage industry insight, data, and software to help clean-energy companies scale and reach more customers in a fast-growing market.

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  • Our driving force at Colossus is to reimagine the fragmented and rapidly evolving solar marketplace through a unique portfolio of technologies and services that work together to streamline the deployment of clean energy. Solar energy installers are reporting increasing customer acquisition costs even as sales shift to online modes and confidence in the solar industry is at an all-time high. Our innovative software and marketplace model supports the rapid evolution of the solar + storage industry by developing tools that help drive sustainable business growth while accelerating solar adoption at scale.

    15 April 2022