Walter Harrison

CEO and Founder at Tapestri
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Walter is a Product Management and Strategic Partnerships Executive with strong track record in product development and entrepreneurship. He has built and sold Growth Systems in 2015. Walter has extensive experience with online and mobile advertising exchanges, real-time bidding, sell and demand-side platforms, data management platforms and retargeting technology. He has a proven track record in the identification of crucial revenue and business opportunities using a holistic analytical approach.

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  • The idea for Tapestri was born out of more than a decade of working in consumer data collection and monetization. I watched tech behemoths make billions of dollars siphoning and packaging user data and I thought people were owed a piece of that wealth. Despite the fear that being transparent about data collection and giving people a choice of whether or not to share their data would dry up the well, what we're finding is that people are willing to hand over their data if they get something of value in return and we're the only ones offering money in real time for it.

    17 January 2022
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