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Warner Bros/HBO Actor, Ex-BBC, TV Presenter (Technology Expert) & Event Host at Mirza Productions
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Waseem Mirza is an award-winning British TV Presenter (ex BBC) with a penchant for science and technology. He is also currently the host of "The FutureTECH Show" on multiple platforms, having started his tech journey with the BBC's worldwide tech brand: CLICK.

With a career that crosses both screen entertainment (as an Actor for Warner Bros) and consumer technology news, Waseem Mirza is uniquely placed to comment on the next phases of digital disruption - the metaverse and artificial intelligence and the impact on media consumers.

At the BBC he's covered everything from electric car public 'charge rage", Virgin Galactic's space tourism ambitions, to the world's first edible 3D-printed raspberry. As a tech commentator, he's quoted in the most widely distributed weekday newspaper in the UK - The METRO - on how Smart Home tech could help consumers save money during the energy cost crisis. He's been the face of Xiaomi Technologies live broadcasts on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook launching the firm's latest wearable fitness technology.

Waseem made inroads into public speaking by becoming the Host and Presenter of the inaugural Milton Keynes Apprenticeship Awards 2022 for National World PLC. More recently he's been featured on tech news site Lifewire.com on laptop battery advances, and the New-York based NTD News Channel, commenting on a major hack at Twitter that's believed to have exposed over 200 million user details onto the dark web. As a recently trained new screen actor, Waseem joined the cast of a HBO Max commissioned TV drama from Warner Bros, reprising his former BBC role for the DC Universe and directed by BAFTA winner Jill Robertson. Waseem is a member of the Association of British Science Writers, the NUJ and Equity.

* Live TV & Event Host, Moderator, Expert Technology Speaker, Awards Host: via Jane Farnham, jane@greatbritishpresenters.com

* All voice & video game projects: Christopher Charles, The Voice People Ltd: - chris@thevoicepeople.co.uk +44(0)207-205-2405
* For Screen Actor, he is represented by Marcus Flemmings, Allied Artists Management - info@aamartists.com +44(0)207-190-9612

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  • "...Technology commentator Waseem Mirza told Lifewire .. that if new battery technology successfully extends the life of gadgets, "it could finally allow us to work from anywhere without having to worry about taking the laptop charger with us for day or weekend trips away from the office. A long battery life would also allow us to avoid charging to 100% all of the time, giving the laptop a longer lifespan without having to replace the pack..."
    SOURCE: https://www.lifewire.com/laptops-with-better-battery-life-are-on-the-way-heres-why-you-need-one-7092796

  • "...this new Twitter hack is a wakeup call to everyone who has an account on a website where the data is not safe.." NTD News, Jan 2023
    Video Interview at:

  • "...;you can save £200 a year by turning down your thermostat by one degree,’ says Wazeem [sic] Mirza, technology expert and host of "The FutureTECH show."

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    Warner Bros/HBO Actor, Ex-BBC, TV Presenter (Technology Expert) & Event Host