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Owner and Principal at The Turett Collaborative
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Founder and principal of Turett Collaborative Architects TCA, Wayne Turett leads a creative team with a design vision that has defined his work for over twenty-five years. Turett plays an active role in all TCA design assignments and supervises the firm’s general operations. Engagement with the city and with his neighbors would become the hallmark of his design work. Turett has degrees in Architecture from the University of Illinois and Pratt Institute, and studied for a year at UP-3 in Versailles, France. He is a member of the NCARB and is licensed to practice architecture in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As a recognized architect and designer, Turett has served as a design critic at the City College of New York, New Jersey Institute for Technology, Parsons and Pratt Institute; he has taught at NJIT, Parsons, and the Fashion Institute of Technology and frequently lectures on restaurant design for the Institute of Culinary Education.

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  • A passive house meets its heating demand through ‘passive’ sources such as solar radiation or heat emitted from its occupants and appliances. This home could possibly be a net-zero house, which means that if I have solar panels and I have very little demand of electricity I could possibly power the house by a solar panel with a battery and stay off the grid. Here, it was extremely difficult to find the materials and the labor that could put this house together, but in Europe, if you go into their version of a Home Depot, those things that I had to import are just there on the shelves. It’s just the way they build.

    8 October 2020