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Founder at MUTU System
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  • The more I learned about fitness, the more I realised that my diet, which was based, I’m ashamed to say, on sugary soft drinks, beer and curries, was not good. I wasn’t overweight — to be honest I never weigh myself — but I suffered from very dry, sensitive skin. I looked pasty and not great for my age. I wanted to feel fitter and more energetic and decided to focus on cutting down on sugar, as it has no nutritional value.

    I cut out the obvious sugary items and then started checking foods for added sugar. I was surprised how many have it: even savoury foods like crisps and cheese spread. Rather than drinking beer, which is high in sugar, I switched to the odd glass of red wine. Almost instantly, my skin looked better, it was less dry and within a few days looked clear and, yes, younger.

    15 August 2020
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