Wil Drake

Founder & Co-Owner at Hero Doughnuts
On the record

Founder and innovative mind behind Hero Doughnuts and Buns, Wil Drake is a Birmingham boy with a desire to do good work and make life joyful. He has worked in many restaurants--flipped hamburgers, frothed coffee, baked bread and decorated cakes. His knack for lifting folks from life’s troubles was honed when he once worked to create happy, healthy meals for those suffering from eating disorders. Partnering with friend and photographer, Jason Wallis, Hero Doughnuts garnered a cult following through their pop-up stands and farmer’s market stalls. In 2017 Wallis and Drake teamed up with the Pihakis Restaurant Group to open their first Hero Doughnuts and Buns store in Homewood, Alabama. The menu has expanded to include savory offerings, and a growing roster of devoted customers fills the space. Plans are now underway for stores in Trussville, AL and Atlanta, GA.

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  • Regular sugar has a larger crystal size than powdered sugar. This means, cup for cup, there would be more sugar in a cup of powdered sugar than in a cup of regular sugar.

    9 April 2022
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