Will Hamilton

Head of Trading and Research at TCM Capital
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Will previously operated a privately traded long/short fund specializing in cryptocurrency, equities and hard commodities. Will has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016 and has a deep knowledge of its intricacies and the strategies necessary to maximise profit.

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  • In traditional markets we have seen the Fed come out and voice the possibility of tapering stimulus by September this year. Given the amount of debt issued over the last 18 months, any hike to interest rates could spill over into the equity markets and trigger a credit crunch type event.

    13 September 2021
  • Impending US regulation regarding the digital asset sector is key to determining the short-term health and price action of digital assets. DeFi products are the primary target for the SEC, as they are fundamentally operating and transacting in ways that would have, traditionally, come under SEC oversight

    13 September 2021
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