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Will Sealy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Summer. Prior to Summer, Will served as a student loan expert at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he was among the first employees to launch the agency in 2011. In his first year at the Bureau, he authored the CFPB’s first public commentary on its student loan authority. He later helped to produce four CFPB reports to Congress with recommendations for assisting borrowers struggling with student debt.

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  • Despite the government freeze on certain types of student loan payments, one in three borrowers still have at least some student loans due today. That’s where we can help. We’ve already worked with thousands of Illinois-based borrowers to reduce payments, save money, and find a better payment plan that works for their unique situation. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cook County to help borrowers become debt free.

    6 April 2021
  • We can’t just hope and pray for Congress to pass anything in an environment that’s more politically divided than we’ve ever seen.

    6 April 2021
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