Will Szamosszegi

CEO and Founder at Sazmining
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As CEO & President of Sazmining, William oversees the growth and development of an expanding global organization. He founded the company in 2018 and has scaled the team to handle multiple domestic and international joint venture mining projects. William has built a well-recognized brand within the industry, written up in Business Wire, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Business Insider, and other platforms. He strategically positioned Sazmining to capitalize on future trends in the cryptocurrency mining and energy industries, enabling innovation that supports a global brand. Before his work in cryptocurrency and blockchain, William co-founded the technology company TurnUh LLC, where he managed domestic and international projects. William’s work focused on product development, marketing campaigns, and scaling teams to rapidly expand corporate capabilities. His experience includes work in algorithmic video promotion at IRIS.TV and business development at Bankers Healthcare Group.

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  • Our new facility provides a carbon-neutral source of electricity for our mining operations and is a model for how mining can be managed sustainably as well as a testament to our commitment to make a positive impact on our environment and the economy.

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