William D. Lese

Managing Partner at Braemar Energy Ventures
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William D. Lese, also known as Bill, co-founded Braemar in 2003 and leads the firm’s activities in the power, resources, and infra-tech segments. He currently serves on the boards of Carbonfree Chemicals, Voxel8, Fulham, Utility Associates, Lusbio and Brightvolt, and is responsible for Braemar’s investments in General Fusion, Metalenz and Renew Financial. With experience that spans technical, operating, strategy, and investment roles, he has been active in energy innovation for over 30 years. Prior to starting Braemar, Bill was a Partner at Mantis Holdings, a venture firm focused on environmental and energy efficiency businesses.

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  • There’s too much vested interest to go back to clean tech 1.0.

    17 August 2022
  • The point-source carbon capture market is already competitive. Other firms offer systems based on similar chemistry, including some such as Aker’s Just Catch that are also modular and small-scale. At the same time, the chemical, cement, and other heavy industrial customers Carbon Clean is targeting are under pressure to decarbonize, creating strong demand.

    23 March 2022
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