Xander Phoenix

Chief Growth Officer at Verakari
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Xander Phoenix, Chief Growth Officer at Verakari, is a luminary in the marketing analytics, consumer, and growth strategy space. Xander has gained 11+ years of experience advising executive leadership, and has helped in identifying and quantifying growth opportunities to outperform industry at top Fortune 500 companies, like AT&T and Abbott. Xander is an expert at distilling predictive models, reports, and various data into prescriptive insights to initiate impactful changes. At Verakari, Xander continues to expand his expertise in growth management and strategy development as the company’s CGO. Recently, Xander pioneered an energy management program that drives efficiencies in usage and decreases electricity costs. He has several years of experience surfacing compelling stories and building high performing analytics teams, and has optimized marketing budgets up to $2 Billion annually across many industry verticals. Xander has also had the opportunity to speak at several national conferences in the US about growth marketing analytics and how to drive financial impacts to increase profits.

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