Xiao Wang

CEO and Co-Founder at Boundless Immigration
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Xiao is the co-founder and CEO of Boundless. He held leadership roles at Amazon Go, Providence Equity, NYC Department of Education, and McKinsey. Xiao holds a BA/MS from Stanford University and anMBA from Harvard Business School.

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  • This acquisition is going to allow us to help more than 10,000 immigrants navigate an overly burdensome and complex process. The move makes us the largest international online immigration company, expands our resources to support the best customer experience available, and helps us rapidly scale our business to even more categories.

    6 May 2021
  • Immigrants need an ally who can help them through an increasingly complicated process, and that's what we are. This latest round of funding will dramatically increase the number of families we can support. And now with a pro-immigrant administration implementing new legal immigration proposals and policies, families can trust that they have an established partner that will educate and guide them through their journey.

    6 May 2021
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