Yasir Ali

Founder & CEO at Polymer
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Yasir is the founder of Dvega, an Enterprise Data & Technology strategy consulting firm as well as a developer for credit sensitive analytics for Bear Stearns Mortgage trading desk. He brings his experience with cloud-migrations, high-speed trading system deployments and compliance software development to Polymer.

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  • Polymer’s platform leverages an entity recognition engine that offers more than 90% accuracy in identifying compliance-related items within days of going live with customers.

    The platform is easy to deploy—within a few minutes—and its autonomous remediation capabilities make it ideal both for small to midsize enterprises and larger enterprises.

    The Polymer platform also incorporates natural language processing that gives us a huge advantage over competitive products.

    Customers can currently ‘feature engineer’ the NLP to apply on-the-ground heuristics with a no-code widget.

    2 April 2022
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